Course Description

Your Action Planner includes...

✅ Exercise: Identify your zone of genius
✅ Exercise: Compare your business with your competitor’s business
✅ Exercise: Tell your story
✅ Exercise: Create your ideal reader avatar
✅ Exercise: Create or update your professional bio
✅ Exercise: Organize your photos and brainstorm what type of photos to take/share
✅ Exercise: List where these photos are kept and where you will share them
✅ Exercise: List podcasts you want to be featured on 
✅ Exercise: List TV programs you want to be featured on (think local and national)
✅ Exercise: List radio programs you want to be featured on (think local and national)
✅ Exercise: Find local and national speaking events
✅ Exercise: List the event names, organizers and speaker application process
✅ Exercise: Gather names + numbers of clients who might give testimonials
✅ Exercise: Automate your testimonials
✅ Exercise: Be more social on social media 

Online Marketing Strategist & Business Coach

Sharon Koenig

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Course curriculum

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    The Action Planner

    • The Multi-Exercise Action Planner